Book Four – This Week’s Book

Weekly books!

[When I got back from the DWYL retreat I was more determined than ever to keep crafting. I decided to try to keep on with the book making. And I asked myself, could I make a handmade book every week for the next couple of months? As it turned out, yes, apparently I could! So for August and September I’m going to share photos every week of the books I’ve been making.]

So after making two books as gifts for friends, based on the design I learned in the class, it was time to try something new.

From looking in Creating Handmade Books by Ailsa Golden for ideas:

I decided to try an accordion style book with pockets.

I made the cover with some Italian paper I got from Falkiners, and used ribbon for a closure. Love ribbon!

Green Accordian book

The odd thing about this style is that it has no spine.

Green accordian book

The middle of the book consists of five alternating signatures.

Green accordian book

Green accordian book

And one side has pockets:

Green accordian book

I used a variety of vintage, found and recycled papers for the signatures.

Green accordian bookGreen accordian bookGreen accordian bookGreen accordian book

It’s really unusual. But I like this style a lot! It’s surprising, and feels very different (in a good way!) to handle and use.

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