Creative time and space

So I bought this book:

To be honest I haven’t read it yet.

But time to create is something that endlessly frustrates me.

I have so many ideas of things I want to do. Sometimes they come one after another in a rush.

I write them down.

– – – Bam! – Patchwork paper bunting – Bam! – Finish it factory – Bam! – Postable books – Bam – Papercut envelopes – Bam! Bam! – Downloadable productivity kit! – Bam! – Badge necklace – Bam! – Ephemera life zine – Bam! – Worried square zine & worry-solving kit! – Bam! – Embroidered stories on photos! – Bam! – Interactive walking journals – Bam! Bam! Furoshiki book covers – – –


But I have no time to do them.


It’s not even like I have kids or anything so my life isn’t as full with responsibilities as some people’s. But I don’t see how it’s possible.

I get up, leave for work and get home about 7pm. Then eat, shower, get clothes ready for the next day, watch some TV maybe, which leaves a couple of hours at most.

And if I go on the internet, you can forget it.

And if I go out and socialise in the evening, then that’s the whole day gone.

Ok so while I’m watching TV I’m usually doing something at the same time, like folding paper, sewing or drawing or doodling or painting.

And I normally manage to fit in some creative activity in the evening.

But so much time is spent online looking at other people’s stuff.

So I had a thought the other day:

Am I spending more time consuming other people’s creations than creating myself?

Maybe keeping this in mind will help me with prioritising what’s important.

And when I posted up the photo at the top on Flickr Danny W. Mansmith commented:

“no rules just have fun! hehe”

Maybe keeping that in mind that will help too.

(Oh and p.s. blogging counts as creating, ok?)

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