South West Jumble – I did it!

South West Jumble 25 September

Well, I did it!

I had a craft stall at the South West Jumble!


South West Jumble 25 September

I had some lovely comments on my work and spoke to some amazing artists… whose cards I seem to have temporarily misplaced, so will link when I find them… in particular a woman who makes amazing jewellery out of recycled flooring (it is really funky and cool) and an artist whose project is to draw 365 hearts (one every day). They were so supportive and lovely.

South West Jumble 25 September

It was an interesting experience.

Firstly to learn the amount of preparation that goes into it.

For example:

  • Having enough stock, working on making the products all Saturday and for months before in the evenings
  • Packaging: I had paper bags (some of which I had made myself), washi tape, moo cards, a vintage ‘Thank You’ note torn from a 1960s receipt book, and a free little booklet giving ideas of what to put in the books
  • Table layout, tablecloths, bunting, tape
  • Signs for price & to welcome people to the stall
  • Having enough coins in the float for change
  • Logistics of getting everything there
  • Picking a table
  • Making sure the stall is covered at all times
South West Jumble 25 September

Good things about craft fairs:

  • Having all of your ‘wares’ out in public looking fantastic
  • Getting feedback and nice comments from people
  • Selling to satisfied customers!
  • Having several of my friends pop by and say hello – lovely people
South West Jumble 25 September

Challenging things about craft fairs:

  • Turning down invitations to go out with friends because I had to finish making enough stock
  • Waiting around for hours when it’s quiet with nothing to do except twiddle your thumbs (next time I’ll bring something to read, make, or a laptop or something)
  • People not making eye contact and being frightened to look at the products
  • Trying to get a nice balance between letting people browse / not to scaring people off and being approachable
  • Deciding on pricing
South West Jumble 25 September

Really great things about craft fairs:

  • Having help from the brilliant and talented Andrew Bowden (check out his hiking website)
  • Having people tweet nice things about you after buying your stuff:

    Back from @southwestjumble. We made a profit and I bought a cracking handmade notebook from @cathredfern. Definite win today. MB
    25 Sep

    Also met lovely @cathredfern whose book-binding skills are awesome. She makes intricate notebooks that look like they are from a fairytale!

South West Jumble 25 September

After the fair I was pretty tired – it was great, but I had a headache and had to lie down for a bit to let my brain rest.

But today I’m back to full strength, raring to go on the next project – whatever that may be!

I’m (probably) going to put some of the remaining stock on my Folksy shop (you can buy my zine there already).

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