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Dear Friends


I’m excited to announce I HAVE MADE A THING!

I’ve been working really hard on this and I’m really really proud of it!

Combining my love of cute stationery and getting things done (or at least trying my best to get things done) I’d like to introduce to you…


You can see alllllll about it here:

If you think this might appeal to anyone you know I’d be so grateful if you could spread the word around.

If you have any ideas of people, websites or blogs where this might fit well (e.g. where I could advertise it? do a give away?), I’d very much appreciate it! (Please tweet me (@cathredfern) or message me on Facebook.)

ALSO! To celebrate this project being completed I am giving away THREE free copies so if you would like one please tweet me (@cathredfern) or message me on Facebook BY MIDNIGHT ON TUESDAY 23RD OCTOBER and I’ll pick some names out of a hat and send a free copy to the lucky winners.

Thank you so much for your attention and support and please forgive me for tweeting about this over the next week or so!

Check it out here:


YourDailyQuest200x2001.jpg LoveYourToDoList200x2002.jpg GetThingsDone200x2001.jpg

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