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Extremely. Boring. To do lists.

Like this:


Scribbled on the back of an envelope or a post-it note.

Scrawled on the back of your hand or on a plain notepad.

Could anything be more tedious?

Could anything be more gloom inducing?

Could anything make you LESS likely to want to actually DO this stuff?

Wouldn’t your daily ‘To Do’ list be more fun if it was a QUEST?



1) 31 unique, printable, colourful and sweet DAILY QUEST worksheets to download immediately, print at home, and use every day to jot down your daily tasks and goals and make the next month the most productive ever.

Daily Quest Collage.jpg

Yes they are all different – although the same kind of style of course! Print them off in colour on normal A4 paper and simply cut in half to use:




You also get an alternative bigger version with one sheet per A4 page for those of you who have lots of tasks, or like writing with massive crayons!

2) How to Use Instructions and Suggestions (5 A4 pages)

How to Use collage.jpg

3) Monthly Planner sheets (6 A4 pages): These have 31 spaces which can be used for an overview list of what needs to get done in the month, or to plan out what you want to get done on each specific day in the month.


(REMEMBER! Once you’ve purchased the sheets you can simply print and re-use as many times as you need, FOR EVER AND EVER AND EVER WOW AWESOME!)

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You are a dreamer. You want to feel motivated and inspired to GET STUFF DONE. You have things you want to achieve, goals to reach, ambitions to progress, projects to finish, creative goals as well as chores. You don’t want it to feel like a drudge. You want it to be FUN!

You are a procrastinator. You need that extra bit of motivation from time to time. Even though you know your “to dos” are important, you sometimes, somehow, end up not doing them, and every little bit of extra motivation helps.

You are a cheerful person at heart. You smile at bright colours and happy things. You especially get a kick out of cute stationery. The idea of a series of cute smiling blobs waving flags cheering you on makes you feel happy, not puke.


I’m about to have a baby! I know I’m going to be extremely busy very soon but also wanted to have something to motivate myself to keep on track to do the things I want and need to do on a daily basis.

At the same time, chatting with friends about our weekly and daily ‘To Do’ lists, we thought they would be much more exciting if we re-framed our To Do lists as our QUEST (like something out of SkyRim!).

I’m certainly not the most productive person who ever lived. I need just as much of a kick up the bum as anyone else to get stuff done, but that’s precisely why I made this: to keep myself motivated.

Basically I’m a sucker for bright, cheerful & cute stationery and I’m a bit of an obsessive about productivity/creativity/getting things done tools & techniques.

Also, making this was INCREDIBLY fun.


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Susie image.jpg

“I LOVE using the quest sheets … I love the A5 ones because they don’t get lost in amongst all the other papers on the Table of Death, so I actually consult them and do stuff. Also when I have had an A4 list (not yours, but previously) I would fill it up with tons of things – even if it was meant to be just a day list I’d keep it going and it would end up too long and with no focus or indication of what was most important. Now, I use one of yours per day and keep it until I’ve crossed it all off, even if that takes ages. So I have a little pile of them with outstanding things on, and I just write a new one each day. I flick through the older ones and do whatever I feel like/ am in a position to do from them too. LOVE THEM A LOT!” – Susie J

“If chores seem like chores and you struggle to love your to-do list, then you’re going to love what clever Catherine Redfern has come up with. YOUR DAILY QUEST = a whole wadge of pretty sheets that turn ticking off to-dos into a game….and cheer you on at the same time. How devious is that?!” – Helen A (Dixon Hill Diary)

Catherine image.jpg

“Really loved the handmade instructions and tips, those are really awesome.” – Catherine H

Jenny image .jpg

“I love that everything is handmade” – Florence H

“I really love the individually hand drawn words {might have to try that myself sometime}… a bargain frankly, when you consider that you can print the pages off whenever you need them FOREVER… I recommend this for you if you a) live by lists, b) have a pretty stationery fetish and/or c) could stand to be more organized. Since this covers most people, I suggest you take a look right now. {I’m not an affiliate, I just think it’s groovy.}” – Tara Leaver

“I LOVE your quest sheets. The design is so strong and utterly pleasing.” – Lotte L

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When you buy the quest sheets you will also get:


6 pages of the best tips I know of for ensuring you achieve that you want to achieve.


Combine these techniques with the daily quest sheets and see your productivity soar!


EVEN MORE AWESOME BONUS! when you buy the quest sheets:

Do you worry too much about silly things like worried square?


Do you want to stop?

Read this mini-zine about worried square then when you start to worry, complete the simple worksheet and *poof* your irrational worries are gone.

Included when you buy your quest sheets.

(p.s. worried square is entirely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental *ahem*.)

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Hello. My name is Catherine.

I have:

  • Founded a major website which now has over 100,000 visits a month
  • Ran it for 7 years whilst working full time.
  • Co-written a book
  • Made and sold handmade books, knitted stuff, made cushions and handmade gifts.
  • Written and had articles published.
  • Painted, drawn and doodled in my spare time.
  • Completed many long distance walks.

All the above started, and was organised and finished, with a To Do list.


…in this package you Get:

  • 31 unique, printable, re-usable forever DAILY QUEST worksheets in A5 and A4 format
  • How to use instructions and suggestions to get the best from the sheets (5 A4 pages)
  • Monthly Planner sheets (6 A4 pages)
  • BONUS: 20 of the best tips to get things done (6 A4 pages)
  • BONUS: Worried Square mini-zine (10 A5 pages)


Buy with Paypal – Normal Price £9.99 – SPECIAL OFFER PRICE WITH DISCOUNT CODE only £7.99!

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