Colour Palette

For a long time I’ve found it difficult to define my own colour palette for my own craft and art activities – something that seems, at least from admiring others’ work, to be a major part of developing a personal style.

Anyway, last night I think I had a breakthrough. I was gathering items together to create various banner headings for this blog. From my stash of materials, paper, fabric and objects, I found myself drawn to light blue, light green, and lilac.

Secret Project sneak peek

Secret Project sneak peek

In various combinations, these colours seemed to work so well together.

Looking back through my Flickr set, I can see that I have been drawn to these colours quite often, particularly lilac and green.

From a sketchbook class at City Lit:

Sketchbook 16

From a colour and creativity class at City Lit:

Creativity 6

Copying a watercolour painting from a book:

Playing with new paints

Some cushions I made:

Green patchwork cushion 1

Some birds I made for a friend:

Lavender birds 3

A tea cosy – I bought the yarn because I liked it, with no idea what to do with it. It contains the colours that I’m talking about here:

Tea Cosy

I do love other colours too. But it seems I keep coming back to these again and again.

So… now I know…. interesting!

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