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Announcing my latest project!

Posted on 27 September 2013 in Creative life

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth! I’ve been a busy bee! This (above) is the temporary ‘holding’ logo for my new project! It’s called the New Mama Welcome Pack. Let me explain… A few months after I had my baby I found myself walking past the hospital where I gave birth. I […]

Fearless painting, Lucy Cousins & Krishna Das

Posted on 5 May 2013 in Creative life

Today I had fun doing another Fearless painting (basically where you just go with your intuition, have fun, enjoy the process, and paint like a 5 year old). I have been reading a lot of Lucy Cousins children’s books recently. She uses thick black lines a lot in her work, and the effect is really […]

Getting Things Done With a Newborn: Part 2

Posted on 17 January 2013 in Creative life

“Oh f*ck. I’m a mum” Hurrah! I made it to Part 2! (Part 1 here, with extra amazing comments!) Productivity FTW! So anyway… getting things done. What rambling thoughts do I have? First of all, a bit of background about my situation as everyone is different. I have a partner who is supportive and gets […]

Getting Things Done With a Newborn: Part 1

Posted on 6 January 2013 in Creative life

So, I have a 6 week old baby on my lap as I type this. That’s right. I have a baby. WOAH. He is called Sam, and he is very cute. See? AWWWWHHHHH BLESSINGTON! Anyway now I actually have some experience of looking after a baby I can talk about a topic close to my […]

A Custom Steampunk / Peacock Wedding Guestbook

Posted on 16 November 2012 in Creative life

I’ve been meaning to post this up for ages! The commission was to create a guestbook for a steampunk / peacock themed wedding (there would be a peacock feather pen for signing the book, for example). The bride & groom had had very cool silhouettes created for their invitations so I made those into pages. […]

Join My Quest

Posted on 21 October 2012 in Creative life

Hello! I’m excited to announce I HAVE MADE A THING! I’ve been working really hard on this and I’m really really proud of it! Combining my love of cute stationery and getting things done (or at least trying my best to get things done) I’d like to introduce to you… You can see alllllll about […]

Book Making Stall

Posted on 6 March 2012 in Creative life

Last weekend I had another stall at the South West Jumble in Tooting – my Mum came to help too! I’ve also done some time lapse filming of the book making process which I can’t wait to put together and publish! Here’s a sneak preview of some books all sewn up and ready to be […]

Friday Art Class

Posted on 16 October 2011 in Creative life

These are the words that just be true

Posted on 15 October 2011 in Creative life

I keep on scribbling In the spare room I’m living in Body’s here but I’m living in Why do I keep wasting time I keep on writing, writing But them folk ain’t biting, biting Maybe the bait ain’t juicy enough So I’m switching, chucking spice in, add some flavor, Up the heat, silly rhymes and […]

I wish…

Posted on 10 October 2011 in Creative life

…That I had a job where I could dress like this every day and no-one would care. …That I didn’t have to spend ten frustrating minutes every day trying to find a pair of tights without holes in them, or spend precious hours of my free time ironing shirts. Happy Monday!