Announcing my latest project!

Secret project...

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth!

I’ve been a busy bee!

This (above) is the temporary ‘holding’ logo for my new project!

It’s called the New Mama Welcome Pack.

Let me explain…

A few months after I had my baby I found myself walking past the hospital where I gave birth.

I wandered in, and took a tour of all the locations I’d come to know over my pregnancy, soaking in the memories and the enormity of what had happened.

As I got to the maternity ward a woman in a hospital gown who had obviously just given birth a few hours before came hobbling out.

I felt so much empathy and compassion towards her and I knew I wanted to make something to help women through their first 3 months of motherhood.

The New Mama Welcome Pack is a multimedia digital product containing beautiful, inspiring, useful and heart-felt contributions from many fabulous bloggers, writers, artists, and entrepreneur mothers, which will be delivered to the inbox of the new mama over the course of three months.

Unlike most gifts after a birth, this will be totally focused on HER rather than the baby.

This is NOT ‘how to care for your baby’.
This IS: how to journey through the first three months with confidence; feeling proud, supported, celebrated, joyful, comfortable with this new part of your identity and navigating your new life, in your own way.

Each contribution will feel like a gift from her personal ‘support team’ of contributing mamas, offering love, inspiration, wisdom, support, encouragement and reassurance.

This would be an ideal gift for a first time mother; one that keeps on giving over a 3 month period.

10% of profits will be given to a maternity charity, working to make birth safe for all.

I’m going to be working on this over the next few months.

As long as Sam doesn’t eat all of my project plan:

The baby ate my project plan

If you’d like to know more, please pop your name into the sign up form below and I’ll update you as it progresses!

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