Mixed Media Calendar Project – April

I’m skipping a few months since I have to sort out the photos for the February and March pages, so let’s go straight to April!

Step 1 – Glue down torn bits of paper. I had to stick on a lot this time to cover up some overlapping pieces from the other side.

April - Step 1

Step 2 – Paint over with gesso.

April - Step 2

Step 3 – Scrape acrylic paint over page with old credit card. Stick page on top and rub down, let dry a bit, then pull off. Some of the text will be transferred. Tears bits of blue handmade tissue paper and stick down with gel medium. Rub a light blue pastel around the the edges to colour a bit more.

April - Step 3

Step 4 – Stamp bubble wrap pink paint randomly. Rub around edges with lilac colour ink pad.

April - Step 4

Step 5 – Make mini envelope from transparent paper. Stick on old stamp. Print with confidential stamp from Cavallini. Cut piece of handmade fancy paper to fit inside envelope. Stamp background with script stamp. Brush over background with a bit more gesso to lighten.

April - Step 5

Step 6 – Stamp and glue down letters along side.

April - Step 6

Step 7 – Make little note for inside envelope.

April - Step 7

Step 8 – Drawn around letters with white pen. Brush over with gesso. Glue down envelope.

April - Step 8

Still needs more on that, but I’ll come back to that later on to finish properly.

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