September 2010

Studio Ghibli

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We spent Friday evening watching My Neighbour Totoro followed by Spirited Away. Both films are incredibly brilliant. The imagination is mind blowing. And so cute! It’s no wonder they’ve inspired crafters to pay homage: 1. day 173 : 365 may 14 • guerilla art, 2. Ghibli feast #7: Spirited Away, 3. тоторо, 4. Kaonashi / […]

New cushion!

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I got a stash of cool fabric from the Festival of Quilts: I laid it all out to find a good combination: Then I made a cushion! It’s a match to one I previously made, that’s quite similar in colour and tone:

The Festival of Quilts

Posted on 12 September 2010 in Craft

In August I went to the Festival of Quilts at Birmingham with my mum. I’ve often been to a similar event run by the same organisation; the Knitting & Stitching Exhibition at Alexandra Palace, and have found those events to be excellent. But I’d never been to the Quilt one until now. In the end, […]