A Coast to Coast Journal

I’m so excited!

I made my first ever proper zine!

A Coast to Coast Journal

I’m a massive fan of zines (I mainly read feminist ones) and really love their DIY style and personality. I even had a zine stall at my book launch (kindly run by Marching Stars distro).

The Amazing Zine Stall!

I finally managed to make my own, which is reproduced from drawings, doodles, cartoons and sketches I made whilst on Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walk across England in 2010.

A Coast to Coast Journal - preview

Both Andrew and I took diaries on the trip. I decided to draw and doodle when I could. Almost every evening after we’d eaten, we’d sit and each be scribbling away furiously. It was so much fun.

A Coast to Coast Journal - Preview

I pretty much drew them straight down in the moleskine journal without any editing or pre-sketching. The only thing I did to clean the images up when preparing the images for printing in the zine was to try to clean up some of the water marks that had unfortunately smudged some of the drawings (as for how the water got there in the first place, you’ll have to read the zine!).

A Coast to Coast Journal - Preview

Every time I look at the zine it brings back so many happy memories.

Andrew has put all the Coast to Coast photos on Flickr if you want to see more (he’s also written his own book about the walk).

It was such a brilliant holiday…

The St Bees Sign

Admiring the view from on high

On a rock

Hello from the Eden Valley

Sheep after an escape attempt

At the summit of Kidsty Pike

Hello from Carlton Moor!

Stone mimics Catherine SHOCK!

Catherine looks out of the window

Well dipped boots

You can buy my zine from Folksy or Etsy

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