Did you notice anything exciting when I posted this picture the other day?

Ginormous Gesso

No. Not the untidiness of my bookshelf.

Ignore that! Ignore it I say!

Can’t spot it?

How about now?


I’m going on an arty/crafty retreat! My first ever.

And it’s here:

Richmond in the distance



Richmond Castle overlooking the River Swale



Welcome to Richmond
(Photos of Richmond by Bods)

Seriously, it’s about 5 minutes <<< thataway off this picture I reckon, taken by Andrew when we walked the Coast to Coast last year. Yep, this year I'm prioritising my creative side, and I was actively searching for a retreat like this when funnily enough, almost the next day the ad popped up on a blog I read. With a title "Do What You Love for Life“, well that just summed up everything I want right now.

I’m doing a three day book making course with Rachel Hazell that sounds fantastic.

I LOVE HANDMADE BOOKS! And soon I will have a very cool one of my very own.

So I’m packing my supplies:

(Flippin’ blurry photo, bah)

And heading off very very soon!

It is a little exciting…


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