Paint over collage class on 21Secrets

So I signed up for 21 Secrets and I’m so glad I did. There’s so much in there to try and get inspired by. So far I’ve been trying out Willowing’s paint over collage class (also now available to buy on its own), I’ve watched Abstract Adventures from Dirty Footprints Studio and loved the ideas behind that.

So here are my first tries at paint over collage in my art journal. I only managed to take before and after shots for two of them.

I should say that ideally there’s supposed to be writing / journaling / text on the pages too (see here for Willowing’s own gorgeous works for the general idea) but I haven’t got around to that bit yet. And I’m a bit scared of messing up the pages I’ve done!



This was my first try, with images from Stylist Magazine. It’s Gwen Stefani….

I had the rose coming out of her head as it made me think of dreaming up creative ideas.

Permission to dream.


Second page before:


Second page after.


Umm ok well this one went a bit odd. Because the face I picked to paint over was at a weird angle, the mouth I painted on just didn’t look right. So in the end I just decided to cover it up. Ah well!

But generally I really like how this turned out. Kind of a bit mona lisa ish. Something about it, maybe the composition, I’m not sure, also reminds me a teeny bit of Anne Bagby’s style (who I LOVE). And I’m pleased with the addition of washi tape and the sewing I did on the page on the right. I like how the hands look and the inclusion of the vintage French paper at the top.

Third page (no before shot):


I’m liking the big hair!

And I’m loving the caran d’ache crayons recommended by Willowing, they really do make a big difference.

Fourth page:

I decided to use my own image which was a lino print I did, based on an art journal page, which was in itsel based on a magazine photograph. Here’s the original drawing and the prints:

Journal page

Lino printing

And here’s the page did:


I like this! The white doodles are done with a white Sakura pen.

Who doesn’t like purple hair?

This is so much fun. I’m loving loving loving it.


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