Another “Total Alignment” Painting

Total Alignment painting

(Don’t know what Total Alignment / Fearless painting is? Go here!)

I did another paaaaainting…

I started off by prepping the paper with gesso just to give it a bit more tooth (the paper I’m using is a bit cheap). Also I thought I’d see if it made the paint feel different on the paper.

I wrote words all over with a 3B pencil. I tried to get in touch with my intuition…

I started with the big red shapes, then added some green over the top.

I decided (probably too consciously) to do a figure, and then added more green around her head.

I got stuck quite a few times, then hit on lilac coloured hair. Got stuck again, decided to make her body white.

Struggled to know what to do, so eventually just stopped.

I found this a lot harder than abstract as I just didn’t know where to go with it. It does seem harder to paint in such a way that’s free and totally intuitive when you have a recognisable object on the canvas.

Still enjoyed it though!

It made me think that I’m often attracted to those colours – this is a page from a colour & creativity class I took a while ago.

Creativity 4

And this is a page from a sketchbook class I took:

Sketchbook 16

And finally here’s a sneak peek of my amazing ‘studio’! Impressive, I know.

The studio.

Then I put all the paintings so far up on the wall, and this made me feel happy.

Total Alignment / Fearless paintings!

p.s. I signed them all cause that’s what Connie said to do in 21 Secrets! So I did!

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