Book Two – This Week’s Book

Weekly books!

[When I got back from the DWYL retreat I was more determined than ever to keep crafting. I decided to try to keep on with the book making. And I asked myself, could I make a handmade book every week for the next couple of months? As it turned out, yes, apparently I could! So for August and September I’m going to share photos every week of the books I’ve been making.]

During the class at the retreat, we made a prototype book cover to try out the gluing and folding method. I used some beautiful old vintage paper of maps of Paris.

I very rarely throw anything away, so I kept the little rectangle and when I got back I decided to make a book from it. So I made another cover for the back too.


Little Paris book


Little Paris book

I wanted to try to make a different style so I made only one “V” with the book cloth rather than several, meaning the book would have only two signatures.

Little Paris book

Little Paris book

I used a lot of vintage paper in this one:

Little Paris book

So that’s the second book I made!

Little Paris Book

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