Shopping trip

I ended up at Spitalfields market today and made me way home via Blade Rubber Stamps and Magma (which may be my favourite shop EVER).

It’s a good job, for the sake of my bank balance, that I don’t live near Spitalfields market.

Here’s the haul:


I got the button factory kit from Magma. Fun, fun.

Check out those super cute brooches I got! Lovely or what! The ceramic one is from, I don’t know what the shop’s called where I go the owl from but I just HAD to have it. So cute.


I also got this lovely little Japanese book:

It’s all about the use of masking tape (washi tape) in making stylish packaging. For example:




I’ve been known to make some nice packaging before, and this has lots of papery inspiration (albeit in Japanese but the pictures are enough!).

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