Busy busy…

So, no This Week’s Book this week I’m afraid! I’ve still been making and crafting, but I’ve been away at the weekend and so busy that I didn’t have time to blog this week.

But I’m busy because I’m preparing for my stall at the South West Jumble this Sunday!

So in the absence of a blog about books, here’s some nice things from Flickr instead:

Flickr favourites

1. Full Tilt Boogie Extravaganza, 2. Grid: alphabet, 3. Cup Of Tea in a floral cup in an irish tea room, 4. Exercise in Simplicity 3, 5. sneak peek of work., 6. Have a lovely weekend ♥, 7. collaged original 1965 envelope, 8. Snack: Hungry for Growth Series by Leah Virsik, 9. Color is to Love

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