A message from Cy Twombly

Cy Twombly

The other week I went with my friend Helen to see a Cy Twombly exhibition at Dulwich.

I LOVE Cy Twombly. Saw the big exhibition at the Tate a few years ago and fell in love with his work then. Here’s a little doodle I did back then:


The Dulwich show was comparing his work to Poussin. To be honest I didn’t care about Poussin. It was Twombly all the way for me.

His work is completely beautiful. Here are links to some examples

As I stood in awe of the paintings I noticed how his style of messy, energetic paint with scribbled phrases and words reminded me of artists / art journalers such as Samantha Kira Harding or Sabrina Ward Harrison (for example), or Christine Mason Miller.

There is something about the mixture of paint and words that I do love a lot.

Anyway the exhibition also featured some of his sculptures and this one caught my eye so I picked up a postcard of it (I also picked up a couple of completely inadequate postcards of his paintings).

Words to ponder, I think.

Cy Twombly

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