Spiral Painting & Journaling

Total Alignment painting

After the full-on practical activity of the craft fair last weekend, during the week I needed to do something a bit more arty and creative just to relax more than anything, so I got the easel out and did another ‘Fearless / Total Alignment‘ style painting.

This time I had fun blending the paint on the surface and enjoying the pastel colours that resulted.

I love this process of painting so much. As it is more about the process than the result, and it’s not supposed to look like anything, it’s not only fun to do but also somehow a lot easier to share.

I’ve also been following Suzi Blu’s new journal class “A Lovely Dream“, I’ve always been a big admirer of her style and some of the work she’s been posting is just beautiful.

To be honest I haven’t had time to do anything from the class yet, but I decided to spruce up my boring moleskine by collaging the front to remind me to do more in it:

Art journal cover

Journal cover

It’s a good opportunity to use up a lot of paper scraps too!

I’ll paint over it and add more to it. I really want to make the coptic bound journal she has instructions for and hopefully I’ll get around to that eventually.

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