July 2009

Obsession No. 295 – Mini Art Quilts

Posted on 31 July 2009 in Craft

Yes indeed, I have a new obsession! Inspired by Sew Somerset magazine and various other lovely sources on Flickr e.g here, here and here… I got the bug and simply HAD to make one myself. Here’s the results: So do you like it? It was actually a lot of fun to make. I whipped this […]

Amusement from Wife and Home Magazine

Posted on 27 July 2009 in Fun stuff

I bought two copies of 1947 Wife and Home magazines from a vintage shop recently. They’re very amusing, and a real eye-opener. One the most interesting thing about them are the adverts. For one thing, the names of the products are so bizarre, it’s like they’re from a foreign country. Names like Pepsodent, Rinso, Gumtex, […]

How Can I Tell Which Bits You’ve Written?

Posted on 26 July 2009 in Writing

As you may know I’m currently co-writing a book on feminism with my friend Kristin Aune. One of the questions a few people have asked me now is “how do you write with another person?” or as my parents put it, “which chapters will you be writing then? How are we going to know which […]


Posted on 16 July 2009 in Writing

The robot of productivity seems to have been replaced by the Spherey* of laziness. *Don’t know what Spherey is? It’s a knitting phenomenon.

Wedding Card

Posted on 15 July 2009 in Craft

I made a card for my brother’s wedding at the weekend. It took me ages, but I’m pretty pleased with the result. I got the idea for the shape from a book on card making that I have, but I embellished it a bit. It is an origami based design. This is the first stage. […]

Colour Palette

Posted on in Craft

For a long time I’ve found it difficult to define my own colour palette for my own craft and art activities – something that seems, at least from admiring others’ work, to be a major part of developing a personal style. Anyway, last night I think I had a breakthrough. I was gathering items together […]

New Obsession No. 456

Posted on 10 July 2009 in Craft

I just bought this AMAZING book about paper art, called Paper, by Black Dog Publishing. Every page features an incredible piece of work by some talented artist or other. Sitting on the tube flicking through, I was literally gasping at beautiful pieces like this by Noriko Ambe: Or this, by Mia Pearlman: Or this (Yula […]

Cool things about working from home No. 12

Posted on in Writing

Not having to be ‘professional’

Can you tell what it is yet?

Posted on 6 July 2009 in Craft

3rd July 2009 – Productivity report

Posted on 3 July 2009 in Writing

The productivity robot demands an answer. “Beep. What have you done today? Please report.” Well robot, I have: Finished reading The Noughtie Girl’s Guide to Feminism. Hoovered the entire house. Met up with Helen & Jane. Done some writing. “Does not compute. ‘Done some writing’ is not a SMART target. Beep.” Oh yeah. Good point…