My first ever items for sale!

I’m selling some stuff on Folksy!

Four lovely wallets

It’s very exciting. I’ve always wanted to sell my crafts, there’s something that really appeals to me about it. So, I finally got around to setting up a folksy shop and putting some lovely things on there.

I’ve started with these card holder wallets. They’re quilted, embroidered, and embellished with ribbon, buttons and vintage lace. I really enjoyed making them.

Pricing was a nightmare. I read up on various formulas, worked out how long it took to make each item, and it was a lot longer than I expected, due to the slow and detailed hand embroidery on each one.

Button close up

I feel the price is realistic and fair considering the materials, how long it took me to make not to mention the amount of time it takes to photograph, uploaded details, package nicely and post.

It’s definitely not a business plan though… these are way too time consuming. Next time I might make something simple!

Card holder / wallet 3

And you know… if no-one buys them, I don’t really mind actually because these are so lovely that if they’re left over at Christmas some very lucky people will be getting these as presents…

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