Snoopers Paradise

Yesterday I went to Brighton. It’s a lovely place and I just love all the really interesting shops around the North Laine section.

I ended up stumbling absent-mindedly into a shop called Snoopers Paradise, a massive antiques place / flea shop. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for.

Oh my gosh. It was HUGE.

It was perfect for people who like rummaging around in antique/second-hand junk. Like me.

I must have spent an hour in there at least. Every time I turned a corner there’d be more stuff to browse through.

Boxes of old photographs and postcards. Old books. Old clothes. Vintage magazines and jewellery. Scraps of old lace, ribbons and buttons. Wow.

Anyway, this is what I ended up with.

Vintage linen tablecloths! Yeah yeah, I know they’re not ironed. £6 the pair! We didn’t have any tablecloths but we do now!



Vintage lace bits and a pretty hankerchief (actually I got that from a different shop nearby, truth be told). The lace thingumibob on the right is a bit oddly shaped, but I thought I could use it for some art/quilt/sewing project of some kind.


A book called ‘Jane’. I have plans for this…


Some vintage french silver embroidery thread.


Bits and bobs I’m going to use for gifts:


An old needlepoint picture, slightly bedraggled. £5! I like the colours. I’m sure I could do something with this. Maybe make it into a cushion or something like that.


Another linen tablecloth. This one is a bit rust stained and not in as good condition, but I like it anyway. I might try to see if the stains will come out – if not, I could use it as a furoshiki cloth or something like that.


As a laid the table for the photos, I finally realised what the funny shaped lace thing was for:


I love Snooper’s Paradise!

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