March 2011

Recent Flickr favourites and inspiration

Posted on 30 March 2011 in Craft

1. Misty Mawn journal page…self portrait, 2. art journal 2011, 3. It’s finished!, 4. I am enough, 5. Misty Mawn-class-collage, 6. windmill brooch – story fragments, 7. Bearbird, 8. Out of the Box, 9. sketchbook Amazing artists aren’t they?

On big projects and long hard slogs

Posted on 28 March 2011 in Art

It’s weird. I seem to have a tendency to take on huge, complicated projects that take years to complete. Cases in point: 1) Co-writing my book about feminism (Reclaiming The F Word), which took several years (Me at the book launch) 2) Doing long distance walks like the Pennine Way, Coast to Coast. 3) Ridiculously […]

Tutorial: Jet Set Willy Cross Stitch Key Ring

Posted on 26 March 2011 in Tutorial

Do you remember Jet Set Willy? If not here’s a little reminder: Ages ago I made a little tribute, a key ring with Willy on one side and Maria on the other (the identity of Maria seems to be disputed – some think she’s Willy’s wife, others his Mum or his Housekeeper). Here’s how to […]