Edinburgh trip as seen by cartoon shapes

One year we went to Edinburgh to visit my brother and a couple of friends came too…


You’ll notice that Lorna was not in the lounge car, that is because she sensibly went to sleep instead…

Inside the cabin

The next morning…

Edinburgh Waverly the following morning



We walked past Arthur’s Seat to the Sheep’s Heid pub where we had haggis of course.


The shower of pain was in the Hotel we stayed in. It was one of those ones where it feels like needles of water being shot at you at high speed. There were other things dodgy about the Hotel, like its location, which we later learned from a friend of Tal’s who lived in Edinburgh, was in an area known to locals as “the pubic triangle”. I believe Tal wrote a list of all the complaints on the comment form, including the toilet paper being too rough or something like that.

In the top right we are learning to play Bohnanza, where the phrase “An Augen for a Blau?! This is madness!” is mandatory. Bohnanza would later become the game for the next couple of years or so…

Playing Bohnanza in the Sheep's Heid

In the Sheep Heid

And we did various touristy things like going to the Gallery of Modern Art:


Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

I didn’t do any more drawings from this trip.

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