Recently I am all about the cute stuff


In my constant quest to try to figure out what makes me tick creatively, I made another breakthrough:

Cute stuff!

Also, stationery.

Preferably combined (oooo).

I went shopping the other day on a well worn route, including a couple of my favourite shops.

I started off at the London Graphic Centre to pick up some bits, and ended up coming away with the biggest tub of Gesso the world has ever seen (it was on sale!, ok).

London Graphic Center
(Photo by weatherpixie)

Then as I got kicked out by 6.30pm, I headed on over to Art Box, which I love!

Squealing with joy over the super cute stationery I realised, I flippin’ love cute things!

Apparently cute things are known as Kawaii.

Thinking about it, I own a lot of cute things. Here’s some of it:


Arrrrrrgh so cute! Aranzi Machine Gun, Fluffy by Simone Lia, a cute owl beaker I got from Liberty, Two little story books by Brighten the Margins.

Art Box Super Panda Scheduler

Art Box. I had this Super Panda diary for over a year, it lasted that long.

Cupcake Shoppe Stationery
Cupcake Shoppe Stationery

Cupcake Shoppe Stationery. Aaaaaiiiiiieeeeeee! Cute stationery!

I got this from Magma, one of my other most favourite shops.


ArtBox pencil case. Aahhhhhhhh so cute!


ArtBox decorative tape!

And here’s some cute things I’ve made or doodled:

Cute objects



Kettle. I think.

The Room I Had Hidden Us In

Suzanne Vega inspired pages

Lino Printing frenzy

The gang
(Toy designs by Jess Hutch)

And of course….


…Studio Ghibli.

I think I will post more stuff soon.

To finish here’s tomato chan! (via All things Kawaii) Chan, chan, tomato chan!

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