June 2011

Bundle of book boards

Posted on 26 June 2011 in Craft

The other day I went in Fielders, an art shop in Wimbledon and spotted these bundles of cheap off-cuts from frames. Wouldn’t they make good book covers? I can make lots of books from these!

Drooling over book pages

Posted on 25 June 2011 in Art

1. Paper sampler grid, 2. Mini art Journal, 3. 6x wtj 1, 4. 6 x wtj 2, 5. Art Journals……, 6. Summer of Love – Art Journal Class Peek, 7. Art Journal #7, 8. New Art Journal…., 9. my art journals Created with fd’s Flickr Toys Isn’t that just…. …I mean so…amazingly… …just look at […]

Mum’s Crafts

Posted on 23 June 2011 in Craft

My mum is an amazing crafter and artist! Here’s some of the items she brought to show me when she visited me last week. Here’s a bag she quilted: Isn’t that totally stunning? Here’s some embroidery pieces on hand made felt that she’s been working on: This is the larger piece: …and a smaller one: […]

Felt making

Posted on 21 June 2011 in Craft

My mum was visiting me last week and on Saturday she showed me how to make felt! It was so much fun. First we laid down the first layer of felt… …then more and more layers until it was quite thick, with the nicest bits on top. Mum showing me how to dampen the felt […]

Mosaic on a Monday

Posted on 13 June 2011 in Fun stuff

1. in-progress art quilt (detail 1), 2. Index Card 01, 3. small portrait, 4. journal-page, 5. Paper is Lovely, 6. A Sister’s ‘HuG’, 7. For Cory, 8. Book spines, 9. The Board of stuff Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

How I’m taking photos of my crafts

Posted on 12 June 2011 in Craft

We all know how important it is to take good photos of crafts and art. Here’s how I’m doing it at the moment, and it seems to be working all right: Basically I go into a room that gets the most light and that doesn’t cast annoying shadows over what I’m photographing. For me at […]

South West Jumble

Posted on 6 June 2011 in Fun stuff

On Sunday we had a potter round South West Jumble, a craft event that I recently discovered just down the road from me! It’s held in the stunning Tooting Tram & Social pub which has a very eclectic design: I bought a few bits and pieces, some pretty cards, and we bought a print from […]