I’ve just got back from holiday in Canada, my first time ever in that country. We headed to Vancouver and then the Canadian Rockies, which needless to say were amazing.

In Vancouver probably the most incredible sight I saw was this:

Tree on a skyscraper

It’s an oak tree!

On a tower!


Seriously… I could not stop looking at that tree.

In fact the whole city reminded me of something out of a Studio Ghibli film (a cross between Laputa and Porco Rosso perhaps, with a bit of a Steam Punk vibe).

North Vancouver, seen from Vancouver Harbour

Vancouver Harbour

Seaplane coming in to land

Gastown Steam Clock

Whilst walking round Stanley Park we passed some sculptures and I particularly liked this one:

Another art installation

I read somewhere that in Japan when a pot gets cracked, instead of throwing it away they fill in the crack with gold.

Another art installation

I love that concept.

All in all Vancouver was pretty cool.

Hipster skating person sign in Stanley Park

More photos will be up on Bods’s Flickr as and when.

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