Book One – This Week’s Book

Weekly books!

When I got back from the DWYL retreat I was more determined than ever to keep crafting.

I decided to try to keep on with the book making.

And I asked myself, could I make a handmade book every week for the next couple of months?

As it turned out, yes, apparently I could!

So for August and September I’m going to share photos every week of the books I’ve been making.

So without further ado…

*drum roll*

Book One: Isla’s Book

A couple of friends had recently had a new daughter and so I decide to make a book for them both in which to capture memories, write notes, save photos, or whatever they felt like.

Baby book cover

I followed the same technique I learned in Rachel Hazell’s class.

Baby book pages

I made pockets, added a miniature pull out notebook, and a few bits of collaged text here and there.

Baby book pages

On the front page I incorporated a print out of the ‘announcement’ email from the new Dad.

Baby book pages

Added a bit of luxury with a ribbon here and there, and incorporated vintage papers.

Baby book

I still had some of the gorgeous vintage lace I got from Snooper’s Paradise in Brighton ages ago, so I used it for the spine. Such a fantastic find!

Baby book

And it closes with a ribbon. I love that.

Baby book pages

Anyway, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, and the new Mum and Dad seemed to like it!

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