Fearless painting!

Total Alignment Heart

I’ve been meaning to try out the painting processes/techniques of Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio for ages after having signed up to the 21 Secrets art journaling course.

She’s blown me away with her writing and teaching skills. I’m amazed by how she presents her courses on video. So clear, so engaging, so encouraging and so honest and open. This lady has an incredible talent for teaching, just watch her!

And I’m very interested by her ideas too. He main point is about painting as a form of self-development, as a spiritual practice I guess, rather than as an end in itself. So the ‘Total Alignment‘ series she’s putting up this week (for FREE!), is about feeling more ‘in flow’ with creativity, about developing your intutition, rather than about techniques to make a ‘better’ painting.

Like Flora Bowley taught (as I understand it from talking to those in her class) at the Do What You Love retreat, it’s all about the process of creating rather than the final product.

So anyway I’d meant to try it out after 21 Secrets but the Total Alignment thing spurred me on so I bought a big A2 sketchpad and a table easel (!!!), some big brushes and set up in my studio (otherwise known as ‘the kitchen’) and tried out the techniques from the first video.

Total Alignment Heart

I enjoyed the process. It was good to have access to all the paint colours on the table top next to me which I don’t normally have (I normally just use a small art journal).

Total Alignment Heart

I tried to paint instinctively and so tended towards an abstract painting.

One thing I noticed was I started off with a colour on the brush and then I felt I’d done what I needed to do with it, but there was more left on the brush so I felt I had to use it somehow. Not sure how to deal with that… perhaps have some scrap paper nearby so it’s not wasted.

Total Alignment Heart

I smeared on some iridescent medium (which I love) with my fingers.

I did get to a few stages where I didn’t know what to do next but tried to keep going.

The painting is taped to the kitchen door. It is freaking out Andrew but it makes me happy to look at it.

Total Alignment Heart

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